Trimani Wine Bar Rome

trimani wine bar rome

Visit The Trimani Wine Bar In Rome

The Trimani wine bar in Rome is a popular place for both locals and tourists in Rome, with it’s vibrant and friendly atmosphere it is surely a must visit wine bar in Rome.


When you are searching for a prime example of a wine bar in Rome, there are many establishments that could be considered. The Trimani Wine Bar is one of the oldest in the city of Rome and has an extensive selection of wines, reason enough for it to be included as bar 3 of the top examples in the city.

The establishment is located at Via Cernaia, 37/b, just around the corner from the Trimani Wine Store. It is near several popular hotels, so is convenient for tourists to pay a visit during open hours.

For tourists, particularly tour groups, the wine bar is convenient to stop in while seeing the points of interest in the city.

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Trimani Wine Bar Location In Rome

The location near several noted hotels, so walking to the Trimani for a change of pace from the heavier foods and more formal dining is welcome. Nearby hotels include Domus Australia and St. Regis. The bar is a short walk from Trimani Station.

The open hours are those which would be expected for serving the maximum number of people. Lunches are served from 11:30 am to 3 pm. The evening hours are from 5:30 pm to 12:00 am. The establishment is large enough to handle sizable groups without concern. A light lunch menu makes the location good for business meetings and client entertainment.

There is a young vibe to the bar, according to those who have heard about the offerings and want to try it out for themselves. Although the building is old, the history has been maintained through artful use of original building features and identifying characteristics.

The history of the place surrounds patrons from the moment they enter. Large marble casks on the wall are reflective of the features which date from history which goes back two centuries Family ownership is a part of the historical sense. Tour groups are there to have a good time and the locals enjoy the enormous selection of good quality local and regional wines.


The wine cellar contains a large number of labels so that patrons have the opportunity to enjoy a favorite, or to listen to the suggestions of the waiters about wines which might suit the preferences of the guests. Guests are encouraged to try some wines by the glass, rather than purchasing an entire bottle.

The food menu is somewhat limited, since most people are more interested in the wines by the glass than the food. Some of the foods which have been recommended or praised by those who have enjoyed the experience of Trimani include the mixed cheese plates, and the smoked salmon.

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There are some pasta selections, which have mixed reviews. Lasagna with rabbit was one selection of pasta that received good reviews.

Sausage selections are another expected food which is served at the bar. The food is of a much lighter style that the typical Italian dishes which can tend to be heavy on the cheese. All preparation is done using fresh ingredients.

There are a few tasty dishes which vegetarians can enjoy. Innovative choices on small plates are a benefit for those who are looking for a light meal to go along with an excellent bottle of wine.

The wait staff is praised highly. Some are bi-lingual, which helps in a city where there are many languages spoken by tourists. The ability to speak English helps when the tourists have only broken Italian.


The staff members are attentive to the needs of the patrons, and are friendly and courteous. They seem happy to explain details about the wine options to those who are interested in the topic. Having fun while enjoying the atmosphere of the bar is in part due to the attitude of the serving staff members.

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