Trattoria Monti Restaurant Rome

Trattoria Monti Restaurant Rome

Trattoria Monti Rome

The Trattoria Monti restaurant Rome is owned and operated by two brothers who prepare Italian specialties which reviewers classify as simply “amazing”.


The restaurant is small in size, which limits the number of diners who can be served during any open hours. Travelers and locals who want to try the notable dishes should plan on reserving a table as it really is a popular venue.

This is not a fast-food restaurant. The owners and waiters want you to take the time to enjoy your food as well as the ambiance at restaurant 1 of 3 top eating establishments in Roma.

The dining location is well-recognized for the heartiness of its meals. Some of the specialties include roasted game and casserole dishes. Perhaps the most notable item on the menu is the deliciously fresh pasta.

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Although pasta is typically a preliminary course, some diners find that it is filling enough to serve as the meal, and the main course is too much to manage in a single meal. Pasta, followed by a dessert and espresso is a filling and enjoyable way to spend a couple hours while in Rome.

The waiters and servers are very friendly and courteous. They are attentive, without being annoying. The waitstaff ensure that your meal choices are served in the correct order and with enough time between courses to allow the diners time to enjoy the experience of savoring each bite of the perfectly prepared foods.

Unlike some restaurant staff, the waiters do not hover and make you feel as if you must hurry and finish the meal so that the next patrons can be seated.

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The service which is offered is one of the reasons why diners return to this establishment. Even families with young children are served with the same high level of consideration.

It helps to know at least some Italian in order to gain the full benefits of the experience. The waiters are good at bantering with patrons to keep the atmosphere light and congenial.

The neighborhood is not one in which you would expect to find an upscale eating establishment. It is working class, with many immigrants. The locals enjoy dining here as much as the tourists do.

Trattoria Monti Menu

A favorite menu item with many who are fortunate enough to take a meal at the trattoria is the large ravioli with egg yolk and ricotta. The sauce can be tomato sauce, but many people prefer the butter and sage sauce which is very light.

The tortello is amazing; it literally melts in the mouth. The pasta which is served is always fresh with just the right amount of chewiness. The filling is smooth and creamy. The egg is delicious and perfectly cooked, quite runny. It melds very well with the balance of the ravioli.

Another notable menu item is the black sausage pasta with salt. The menu items are seasonal and fresh, so the menu might vary from day to day, depending upon the timing of the visit. The pasta dishes are the star of the menu at Monti.

Some of the other menu items which have been praised are the fried vegetables, stuffed fried olives and the dishes with mushrooms. Desserts include items such as flans, fresh fruit with berry sauce and tarts.

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Customers who try the pasta are not disappointed, and many of the diners try a meal at Monti because of recommendations from hotel staff. The reviewers at Michelin gave the trattoria a star in 2014.

Monti’s is located conveniently at Via di San Vito 13 and has limited Sunday hours, from 12:30 to 2:30 local time.


The establishment is closed on Mondays, but the other days are open from 12:30 to 2:30 for lunch and from 7:00 to 11:30 pm for dinner. Because the space is limited and the place is very popular, reservations are highly recommended.

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