Top 3 Wine Bars In Rome

top 3 wine bars in rome

Top Wine Bars To Visit In Rome

When visiting the capital of Italy, indulging in the local wines and enjoying the surrounding sights and nightlife vibes can truly add to the richness of your experience and something you should look to experience.


Our pick of the top 3 wine bars in Rome come highly recommended offering specialty and authentic products with exceptional services that impress both tourists and locals. The following reviews can help you plan ahead for your next Italian trip.

The Cul de Sac Piazza di Pasquino

The Cul de Sac Piazza di Pasquino Wine Bar

The Cul de Sac is one of the most frequently visited wine bars in Rome having originally been built as a wine and oils shop in the early 1900s.

This uniquely designed bar consists of an oblong shape offering its customers enjoyable experiences and a rich cultural atmosphere where you will feel transported to another time. The bar does not fail to deliver on its product range offering high quality goods that will satisfy most wine lovers.

This bar has been recognized as most favorable for its traditional style offering a beautiful layout with old world charm.


The impressive design has been described as a gallery displaying a wide range of its products along the walls and offering customers over 1500 types of wines on a daily basis. One can sit inside or outside the restaurant along its wooden seating arrangement adding to the authenticity and appeal of this place.

Many people from all over the town including tour groups visit this bar for its ambiance and the quality of product served. It has been created to house small to large groups of customers making for a more comfortable and an enjoyable environment.

Not only will you be able to enjoy a glass of wine, but also a wide range of the delicious meals that are lovingly prepared.

La Prosciutteria

La Prosciutteria Rome Wine Bar
The food and wine bar and restaurant is a popular social facility offering a well designed lounge and eating area created for comfort.


One can choose between small to large platters that are made available on the menu offering a wide range of quality wines to pair with the authentic foods. The facility is located close to the Trevi Fountain making for a favorable local spot to enjoy a selection of wines and Italian foods.

Friendly and accommodating staff can provide recommendations for the most suitable wines to pair with a meat and cheese platter.

The different wines will cater to the palates of all consumers whether you are interested in an afternoon glass or specialty wines to complement a particular meal. It is a truly local place offering an authentic feel of the city and a modern atmosphere to enjoy the range of goods on offer.

Trimani Wine Bar

Trimani Wine Bar Rome
The Trimani Wine bar is one of the most popular food and wine establishments that delivers a superb range of products for any occasion. Having been recognized as an older food and wine restaurants in the city, it provides an incredible selection that is also well priced.

Customers can choose from the seasonal local wines and pair with the meals on offer for an exceptional experience in a high standard of dining out.

The staff will communicate with customers in English and provide advice on the best wines and cuisine suited to personal preferences.

Whether preparing for lunch or a night out, the Trimani can be easily reached and is a mere 15 to 20 minutes from the Termini station. The large restaurant with exceptional service includes a range of wines that are most favorable for locals and tour groups.

For truly authentic dining out in Rome Italy, visiting a popular wine bar offers an exceptional selection of the finest products. High quality ranges suitable for every type of palette make for enjoyable and memorable experiences.


This ensures a truly unique encounter whether visiting old world charm or more modern facilities developed for your enjoyment.

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