Recommended Hotels In Rome

Recommended Hotels In Rome

The Best Hotels In Rome

What are the most recommended hotels in Rome?. When traveling to the capital of Rome which we all know is one of the most romantic and beautiful cities in the world, luxurious accommodation can make the trip so much more rewarding and enjoyable.


From modern suites offering free Wi-Fi to more traditional rooms with spectacular views of the city and easy access to major routes.

The top 4 star hotels in Rome Italy offer affordable and upscale lodging and functional spaces to ensure a safe and pleasant stay.

Planning a vacation or business travel to Rome Italy, staying at a 4 star hotel can make for a comfortable experience allowing you to truly unwind and experience the authenticity of the city.

Finding accommodation in the city center makes it easier to connect with major highways and take public transport to reach desired destinations.


The following hotels have been rated and recommended among locals and international visitors, so it is safe to say that the below hotels are some of the most recommended hotels in Rome.

The Hotel Artemide

Hotel Artemide Rome


The Hotel Artemide is a 4 star rated facility and a mere 10 minutes from the famous Spanish steps and Colosseum to popular city restaurants.

The hotel is located a few minutes from the Termini station allowing you to reach the airport within a short period of time. Rooms are spacious offering standard accommodation to deluxe and honeymoon suites that are well managed by friendly staff.

Features and Services


This centrally located hotel includes breakfast with access to free internet, fitness facilities, saunas, and no hidden costs for credit card bookings.

It includes a rooftop restaurant, bar and spa where you are able to enjoy some of the more luxurious amenities and authentic Italian cuisine.

Guestrooms are air conditioned and includes soundproofing along the windows for safety and security.

Demetra Hotel Rome

Demetra Hotel RomeImage courtesy of

The Demetra Hotel is located in the heart of Rome providing guests with modern and stylish rooms proving comfortable and beautiful design.

The facility provides 27 rooms with a buffet, bar, and access to free Wi-Fi services ensuring that you remain connected during your stay.

The spaciousness of each suite offers unique amenities and undeniable comfort provided for single travelers or larger families.

Features and Services

There are many relaxation opportunities provided at the Demetra with access to air conditioning, free internet and private bathrooms, but the central location also makes it simple to travel from the hotel to major locations including the nearby train station and airport.

You will have the option to book a single bedroom or deluxe room where guests are treated to the finest quality in pampering, winter heating, and a double sized bed for individual comfort.

The Independent Hotel Rome

The Independent Hotel RomeImage courtesy of


Located close to the Termini Station, this hotel overlooks the city offering breathtaking sights and convenience when looking to travel to the surrounding landmarks.

Rooms are clean and spacious and available at affordable prices through the year making it the ideal spot for breakfast and unwinding after a day out.

This building has been described as pleasant offering a historic appeal and exceptional architecture.

When to Visit Rome Italy

When is the best time to visit Rome? well, the honest answer is that the Roman capital offers a wide range of activities throughout the year.

Rome can be beautiful in all seasons and as you can imagine, folks tend to prefer different seasons to visit so Rome is always a busy place.

Rome has exceptional hotels and services that deliver relaxation and the chance to travel to major sightseeing destinations with convenient and safe transportation.


Planning ahead and choosing a place to stay during your trip can provide a truly pleasant and memorable experience, remember, to make the most of Rome, unless budget is not an issue then you need to book in advance to make your trip run smoothly.

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