The Matermatuta Restaurant Rome

The Matermatuta Restaurant Rome

The Matermatuta Restaurant In Rome

The matermatuta restaurant rome is famous worldwide for its fine cuisine and relaxed atmosphere that sees tourists and locals alike place this tasty treat in such high regard. Regardless of where you travel, finding the top eating locations is an important part of planning as well as discovery and the matermatuta will not let you down.


There are many excellent restaurants in the city of Roma and picking the best ones can be a difficult task. Obtaining recommendations from locals or from other travelers is a good starting place.

You can learn a great deal about top eating establishments by checking out online review sites as well as in print publications. Read on to learn more about The Matermatuta.

Mater Matuta

The name of the eating establishment comes from “Mater Matuta” a Latin goddess whom the Romans transformed into the Goddess of the Dawn, Aurora. She was also equivalent to the Greek Goddess Eos. As the goddess associated with sea harbors and ports, the link to top seafood presentations is obvious.

The restaurant is located at Via Milano 48, next door to the Rome Times hotel. This area is the historic center of the city.


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The convenience is not the only reason to choose the Matermatuta as a place to have an early lunch or a leisurely dinner in the heart of Rome.

By Roman standards, the 1 pm opening for lunch is early. The establishment opens for lunch from Monday to Friday from 1 pm to 3 pm and for dinner from 7.30 to 11:30 pm. Table reservations can be made online, and are highly recommended. The establishment is nearly always busy, which is an advertisement of its quality offerings.

Matermatuta Restaurant Rome Menu

The establishment specializes in Mediterranean and seafood options and has a number of gluten-free options for special diet considerations.


The basic ingredients of the menu choices are available in many dining locations, but there are only a few who provide unique mixtures of taste and serving style that mark the menu at Matermatuta. The menu is not large, but each dish is prepared and served in a way that brings diners back again and again.

Even with the limited menu, you can choose from three separate fish carpaccio. Another starter which is popular is the monkfish ragu or what about the sensational squid!

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Black gnocchi with truffles is praised by many diners, who also speak glowingly of the mussels and fried rocket. Black shrimp and mussel ravioli forms a praiseworthy dish. There are also several meat dishes and a delicious caramelized duck breast.

Diners can choose tagliolini with mullet, cherry tomatoes and sea asparagus; grilled beef tenderloin with porcini mushrooms or lobster Catalan. Starters include tartare and carpaccio; prawns in a sesame crust with a soy reduction, and squid with shellfish and crispy vegetables.

There is a crudo or raw menu which mainly consists of oysters and various types of fresh fish. Other seafood selections include roasted octopus with pea veloute and battered salt cod with celeriac puree.

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The linking element in many of the menu options is seafood, of course, but each food choice is known for its freshness and high quality. This feature is true of the seafood, meat selection and poultry, as well as for the additional elements such as fruits and vegetables.

If you still have room for dessert, the selections are perfect to round out the meal. You may want to try a black on white truffle, a pistachio parfait or a selection of fresh berries. The wine selection is well-matched to the food options.

The decor of the establishment is very stylish and modern, providing surroundings that are a feast for the eyes as well as the taste buds. The physical arrangement is perfect for business lunches, groups of family or friends, or romantic occasions.


The service staff is well-trained and efficient, paying attention to all the little touches which make dining at the Matermatuta such a delight. – Simply put, if you are in Rome and you love good food visit the matermatuta restaurant in Rome, you will not be disappointed.

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