Life Restaurant Rome

Life Restaurant Rome

The Life Restaurant In Rome

When choosing among the top Italian eating places, one of the best three is at Via Della Vite 28-30 in Roma.


Italy has many different regional specialties, and Life is a restaurant which features several. Patrons enjoy foods from Lazio, Campania and Tuscany at top restaurant 3: Life.

Renowned Executive Chef, Victor Norese is the creative force behind the dishes, which all feature the freshest possible ingredients prepared in the most tasty manner. The owners of the establishment are Clemente and Giovanna Guarino.

The restaurant opens at 12 noon to respond to those tourists and locals who want to have an early lunch. The establishment doesn’t close until midnight so that customers can choose the dining room for romantic evenings, or for special occasions and group gatherings.

Entertaining business clients or conducting business meetings is easy and convenient in one of the three separate dining rooms. One of the eating areas is found on the open air terrace which is available year-around.


The dining rooms are both cozy and comfortable and are characterized by a decor which is bright and sophisticated. Each of the dining rooms is marked by service personnel who are friendly and attentive.

They offer a relaxed and fun atmosphere which is still professional in nature. The open air dining terrace looks out onto one of the most attractive streets in Rome’s historic center. The Piazza di Spagna and the Via Condotti are near at hand.

Life Restaurant Terrace

The arrangement of the terrace is somewhat unusual. It is across the street, so patrons can look back at the interior of the restaurant. Heaters are provided so that guests are comfortable regardless of the season.

One of the earmarks of the Life establishment is the requirement that all menu items are prepared using only the most fresh, seasonal ingredients.


life fresh fishImage courtesy of

Fish entries on the menu are fresh caught in the Tyrrhenian Sea and obtained through a careful selection of the daily auction of Terracina. Meat dishes are prepared using selections from one of the top Roma butchers. The fruits and vegetables are also noted for quality, taste and freshness.

The Executive Chef, Victor Norese, was formerly associated with 5-Star hotels such as Rome’s St. Regis and Valadier. There is also a professional kitchen staff of nine people.

The reviews received by the owners and staff of the establishment speak for the abilities of the personnel to please the dining reviewers as well as the people who depend upon the those reviews when making a choice of where to eat.

According to the Italian restaurant guide “TopTable” Life is the number one rated establishment. Excellent reviews are noted in important Italian newspapers such as l’Unità, il Tempo, la Cucina Italiana and Republica.

Life Restaurant Rome Reviews

International travel guides such as OMH and TripAdvisor also give very good reviews and high ratings to the restaurant.

Because of the room arrangement, the establishment is particularly well-suited to f groups of eight to ten people, whether for a celebration or for a business gathering. A second room seats more than forty people in comfort. The staff and seating arrangements can handled events of a maximum of one hundred people.

Life Restaurant LobsterIamge courtesy of

Menu choices are always fresh, and are not those served as Italian cooking in many Rome restaurants. The pasta is made fresh daily and the chefs prepare black and white truffles as a featured dish with wild fresh mushrooms, lobster and scampi.


Another unique dish which is recommended for those wanting a different sort of Mediterranean cooking is the smoked duck carpaccio. Patrons can try the truffle-tasting menu; four courses of fresh mushrooms, each accompanied by an excellent wine, for a unique food tasting experience.

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