La Prosciutteria Rome

la prosciutteria rome

La Prosciutteria Rome

The La Prosciutteria has become a popular social restaurant wine bars offering its customers a range of local wines and platter pairings.


One can visit the wine bar for a quick afternoon brunch or a more intricate dinner shared with family and friends.La Prosciutteria has been recognized as a one stop facility for quality meats and cheeses, but also to enjoy the variety of alcoholic beverages available.

The La Prosciutteria is a local eatery offering a high standard of service and a variety of platters suitable for every preference.

It is a small restaurant situated in a popular area providing customers with good food and wine at a cost effective price. The wine bar often has a long queue owing to its success as a trusted and well presented facility making it a favorable option for individuals or larger groups.

The restaurant serves a wide range of meals from a small to large platter consisting of meats and cheese to antipasti.


The arrangements consist of a variety of delicious hams that are presented in a traditional manner allowing one to choose from the available selection.

Most couples visiting Rome agree that the venue and quaint setting are ideal for a romantic and affordable night out on the town.

La Prosciutteria Restaurant Rome

Having been recognized among the top Rome restaurants, it is one of the wine venues that should be visited when you are traveling through the town.

la prosciutteria restaurant rome
Appetizer boards can be purchased for a quick bite while you are on the go or as a lunchtime snack making it one of the more favorable options should you wish to enjoy local foods.


The different sized platters make for convenient food options and have been described as filling and flavorful.

The platters paired with a recommended wine are the most popular orders at the trendy and popular restaurant.

This wine bar delivers a combination of modern appeal and atmosphere with the traditional design and charm that are characteristic of the Italian city.

All of the platters that are available for order are presented in a quality manner with a beautiful layout making it easier to choose specific types of foods and experience both the tastes and attractiveness of specific foods.

One of the many reasons to visit this establishment is to try the different wines that are available. Lovers of the fine alcoholic beverage can taste the variety of styles and aromas that are associated with both local and more popular brands n the industry.

If you are going to order a cheese and meat platter, pairing with a particular wine can assist in making for a favorable and truly unique experience when visiting the capital.

The different types of red wines that can be ordered make for the most flavorful and favorable products offering a range of natural scents and authentic flavors.

The unique ranges and more commonly sought products will appease all lovers of red and white wines while proving most economical. There is no shortage of wines and tasty foods available contributing to the most suitable options for all interested in these options.

Not only has this wine bar been valued for its quality wines and platters, but also for its lighthearted and fun ambiance.

Local music and entertainment are available at the venue making for a lighthearted and cheerful visit. It is a great way to enjoy Italy with friend and family or meeting new people who all share in the local cuisine.

The locals and tourists delight in the different platters and wines available while partaking in the pleasant atmosphere of this establishment.When visiting Rome Italy, be sure to stop at the La Prosciutteria restaurant where a wide range of treats and authentic wines can be enjoyed.


Be sure to include a visit to the restaurant and wine bar during your travels of the city. You can contact La Prosciutteria by visiting their website –

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