Enoteca Il Goccetto Restaurant Rome

Enoteca Il Goccetto Restaurant Rome

Enoteca Il Goccetto Restaurant Rome

Have you heard of the Enoteca Il Goccetto Restaurant Rome? Well, if you have heard of it or not doesn’t matter, what does matter is that you actually visit and experience the Enoteca Il Goccetto Restaurant in Rome, yes it’s that good.


For many visitors to the city of Rome, a visit to a wine bar to sample the many wines of the region, or a restaurant to enjoy the typical regional cuisine for which the country is noted.

Wandering through the streets and museums of the city can be tiring work, For those who are willing to take time to enjoy food and drink, a visit to the Enoteca il Goccetto Restaurant Rome is a must.

Enoteca Il Goccetto Restaurant Features

One of the most notable features of the restaurant and wine bar is its size. The space is relatively tiny, which is a welcome environment for those who have been in a hurry or who are stressed with crowds, noise and a hectic schedules.

The space is dark, especially compared to the bright sun outside or even the evening activities which occur in the Centro Storico.


One of the things that makes the space seem even smaller is the selection of wines which line the walls from floor to ceiling, yes, a wine lovers paradise!!!.

The location is conveniently placed a few steps from Supplizio, It is located at Via dei Banchi Vecchi 14. The Campo dei Fiori is only a couple blocks away.

As a neighborhood bar, there are only a few tables so you may be able to mix with the locals who congregate on the steps outdoors during the warm summer evenings.

They will welcome anyone savvy enough to make their way to the bar. The facility is open from 11:30 to 14:30 and 18:30 to 24:00 daily.


Enoteca il Goccetto Wine Selection

The inventory of wine is one of the best in Rome. The knowledge and friendliness of the owners is remarkable.

The surroundings in the bar offer a charming and relaxing way to spend a late afternoon in Rome.

Visitors can sample the aperitif and outstanding wine from the incredible selection of types. There are more than eight hundred types in a range of bottles and prices from about Fifteen Euros on up.

Wine can be ordered by the glass or by the bottle. The listing of the day’s by-the-glass choices is carefully printed out on a chalkboard. The producer choices change monthly, sometimes weekly.

Enoteca Il Goccetto Menu

Enoteca Il Goccetto Restaurant Menu

Il Goccetto has a menu that features small morsels, rather than full meals. The tastes come in a range of flavors, textures and imagination.

An apple salad prepared with cheese and pine nuts is an example of the options which can be paired with a glass or a bottle of wine.

Cheese with salami and the tasty bread is a bit more hearty for diners. Another favorite of many people is the cipolline lampascioni, a traditional dish popular in Calabria, Basilicata and Puglia.

If you want another taste treat, the sweet and sour mini onions warrants a trial by taste.

Enoteca Il Goccetto Service Is Excellent

Although there are only a few tables, the waitstaff are friendly and courteous and used to the small spaces, by the way, don’t let the small spaces put you off.

Seriously, this is a super friendly place that is tailor made for visitors.


Staff can and do offer recommendations about choices which patrons may want to try while enjoying the ambiance of the small bar in the heart of Rome, you will be duly advised by expert staff on what is available on any particular day. Honestly, you need to visit!.

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