Discover The Best 4 Star Hotels In Rome

The Best 4 Star Hotels In Rome

4 Star Hotels In Rome

Rome is by far and wide, one of the most popular travel destinations in all the world without exception.


People flock here every years to marvel at the architecture, the culture and some of the finest works of art known to man.

Not surprisingly, however, it is also home to some of the best options in travel lodging. Following is a brief look at the top 4-star hotels in Rome.

The Hearth Hotel Rome

The Hearth Hotel Rome
Opposite the Vatican and the Vatican museum, the Hearth Hotel is both conveniently located and fully equipped with all of the amenities that consumers could possibly want and need during their stay.

Hearth means heart and thus, it is no surprised that this establishment is situated directly in the center of all the top, local attractions.


Those who lodge here will be within short walking distance of the The Castle Saint’Angelo, Peter’s Basilica, the Sistine Chapel and more.

This is a historic building that was originally constructed early in the 1900’s, but has recently undergone a massive restoration to create much more sophisticated and stylish accommodations.

With it’s new, contemporary design, The Hearth Hotel offers a warm, relaxing environment that includes a cocktail bar known as Bar hearth, large, bright windows for clear view of the local, architectural attractions and landscape.

With 19 rooms and a friendly and accommodating staff, this location offers the perfect blend of modern features and amenities such as Wi-Fi and Internet, and historical architecture and appeal.


My Guest Hotel Rome


my guest hotel rome


A gluten-free and entirely kosher bed and breakfast, My Guest Roma is ideal for Rome travelers with special dietary needs and discerning tastes.

Located in Bologna Square, this building was originally constructed in 1934. A Kosher breakfast is served daily that rigorously adheres to Jewish law and that includes ample options for those who are intolerant to gluten.

This is a clean, pristine environment with simple yet beautiful aesthetics and a convenient location that is nonetheless quiet, safe and not over-filled with tourists.

It is the perfect, top-rated hotel for travelers who want to be close to the heart of the excitement during the day, but who wish to be slightly removed from it all when turning in for the night.

Hotel Villa Duse Rome

Hotel Villa Duse Rome


Hotel Villa Duse is a comfortable walk from the city center, but well worth the effort. Holidaymakers can also set out on bus to reach some of the more centrally-located attractions.

Villa Duse has clean, modern architecture and decor and is committed to providing its guests with luxury, top-tier accommodations.

Situated in Parioli, this is just one mile away from the Academy of Arts and is therefore perfect for those who want to get a glimpse of the works of modern, up-and-coming artists during their stay.

Each of the 15 rooms at this top-rated hotel are equipped with mini-bars, Wi-Fi and premium linens and bedding. With multilingual assistance, a stunning garden and a seasoned concierge, Villa Duse is idea for travelers who are looking to be pampered during their stay.

Breakfast is served daily at each of these locations. Guests also have access to on-site, laundry and dry cleaning services for an additional cost.


Moreover, each of these establishments can offer assistance with itinerary planning for those who are interested in visiting both popular and lesser-known attractions.

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